How should I prepare my device before I ship it?


You want your cash quickly, and we want to get it to you. Here's how to prepare your device to make that happen: 

Must Do's

1. Disable Anti-theft / Device Protection / Activation Locks

    • For Apple devices, turn off "Find my iPhone". See how.
    • For Samsung, disable "Reactivation Lock". See how.
    • For devices with Android 5.1, disable "Android Device Protection". See how.
    • For Android devices, remove your Google account and disable Factory Reset Protection.

2. Remove your device from your Wireless Account

When selling your device it’s important that it not be linked to an active wireless account. You need to call your carrier if any of the following apply

    • You bought the device under contract or a leasing plan from your carrier, and it has not been fully paid for
    • As per your contract you are required to return your device only to your carrier
    • You have outstanding balance on the wireless account
    • Your device was reported lost or stolen

When you call your carrier, ask them to remove your device from your account, so you can sell it. Here are the support numbers for the four major carriers:

AT&T           800.331.0500

Verizon        800.922.0204

T-Mobile      877.453.1304

Sprint          844.665.6327

We’d like to do of this for you, but only your carrier can deactivate your device so it can be sold. Skipping this step could result in a “Bad ESN” and delay your payment.  Any device that is flagged as lost or stolen will not be accepted.

3. Do not send additional items

Each order on uSell has an offer only for one device.  Do not send additional devices with your order, we will not be able to pay you any additional cash. Any additional devices, accessories etc received with your device are immediately discarded and recycled responsibly.  You may combine the shipment of multiple items only if you've placed multiple orders.  We recommend combining your multiple orders into 1 shipment and may send you a shipping kit to facilitate this combination.

Include Accessories Only If Requested

    • iPhones and iPods – do not include any accessories
    • Cell Phones – include the battery, not the charger
    • iPads and tablets – include the charger
    • Apple Watches - include the charger
    • Macbooks and Apple Computers - include the charger

4. Keep your Memory Card / Sim Card 

All memory cards, Sim Cards and data on your device are removed and destroyed, in keeping with privacy and security rules. We will not be able to return these items to you.



1. Backup your data

Back up photos, contacts and other data you can't live without. To protect your information all data on your phone will be wiped clean once we receive your device.

2. Send your device before your offer expires

Offers expire 30 days after you place your order. Be sure to ship your device so it arrives before then.

3. Keep an eye out for updates

We'll send you emails about the status of your order including when you're payment is on its way. Check your email inbox and the spam folder to make sure you don't miss any updates from us.

4. Lastly, and we can't believe we have to say this..

We have systems that identify if a device is counterfeit, reported lost or stolen, or if you are not the rightful owner. Sending us such a device violates our Terms of Services and automatically cancels your offer. 

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