How do I deactivate my account with my wireless carrier?


When selling your device it’s important that it not be linked to an active wireless account. You need to call your carrier if any of the following apply:

  • The device is still active on the account (it’s receiving calls, text messages, etc.)
  • The wireless account has an outstanding balance
  • The device has been reported lost or stolen

When you call your carrier, tell them you want to remove your device from your account so you can sell it.

Here are the numbers for the four major carriers:

AT&T              800.331.0500

Verizon           800.922.0204

T-Mobile        877.453.1304

Sprint             844.665.6327

We’d like to do of this for you, but only your carrier can deactivate your device so it can be sold. Skipping this step could result in a “Bad ESN” and delay your payment.

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