How long does it take to get paid?


Payment is typically issued within 3-5 business days of receiving your device.  We'll send you an email notification once your device has been received and another email once your payment has been issued.

The following walks you through steps of the trade-in process when you sell your device:

  1. Once you've shipped your device in our postage-paid shipping kit or by using a prepaid label affixed to your own packaging, it generally takes less than a week to reach the processing facility.
  2. Next, a member of the receiving team opens your package, logs the device into the system, and assigns it to a technician for inspection.
  3. The technician checks to make sure that the device you mailed in matches your quoted item's description.  If everything checks out, great!  You'll be on your way to getting paid.  If there is an issue or discrepancy with your device, a notification will be emailed for you to take action on.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, you get paid! If your device passes inspection, you'll receive an email notification as soon as your payment has been issued, so please watch your inbox.

Helpful Tips: When you are ready to sell your device, just make sure you select the exact model, carrier and condition.  Make sure to remove your iCloud account and disable "Find My iPhone" if you are trading in an Apple device.  If you have a Google or Android device, please make sure to disable factory reset protection and remove your Google, Android, or Samsung account from the device.  Any cellular device should have a clear ESN / IMEI that is fully paid off so that another user can activate this device with the carrier.  This will ensure you get paid on time! 

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